Pagan Proof No. 2


Shelby G. Floyd


The birth, death and resurrection of Christ are the most authenticated facts of ancient history and cannot be successfully overthrown by skeptics, atheists, agnostics and infidels (in-for-hells). The testimony of the inspired apostles, prophets and biblical writers has stood the test of time and shines brighter as the centuries glide by. But we have additional evidence from pagan antagonists, pagan Roman rulers and pagan historians.

Eusebius of Caesarea

For example, we have the recorded historical testimony of Eusebius of Caesarea, who was a warlike defender and contender of the faith (Cf. Jude3). He was born about 263 A.D. and died in 339 A.D. at the age of 75 or 76. Some suggest that he was a bishop of Caesarea, as well as a gifted theologian and historian.  His historical record was written within 200 years after the close of the apostolic period around 100 A.D. Therefore, he was close to the facts of Christ and the spread of the New Testament church throughout the Roman world.

Quadratus of Athens

Eusebius writes about a man by the name of Quadratus of Athens who lived from 120 A.D. to 220 A. D. Quadratus was an early Christian writer who defended the faith against the Jewish and Pagan critics who sought to destroy those who were faithful to Christ amidst great suffering and persecution. These early Christian writers were called “apologists,” from the Greek word “apologia” which means to defend. Some say that Quadratus was a bishop or elder in Athens from 125 to 129 A.D.

Testimony of Quadratus

Quadratus of Athens wrote a letter to Emperor Hadrian in defense of Christ and the Christian faith. Some say that the Emperor Hadrian had even visited Quadratus in Athens. The substance of the letter of Quadratus to Hadrian is recorded by Eusebius of Caesarea in his book, Ecclesiastical History, Book 4, chapter 3, to this effect:

1 After Trajan had reigned for nineteen and a half years Aelius Adrian became his successor in the empire. To him Quadratus addressed a discourse containing an apology for our religion, because certain wicked men had attempted to trouble the Christians. The work is still in the hands of a great many of the brethren, as also in our own, and furnishes clear proofs of the man’s understanding and of his apostolic orthodox. 2 He himself reveals the early date at which he lived in the following words:

“But the works of our Saviour were always present, for they were genuine:-those that were healed, and those that were raised from the dead, who were seen not only when they were healed and when they were raised, but were also always present; and not merely while the Saviour was on earth, but also after his death, they were alive for quite a while, so that some of them lived even to our day.”

Such then was Quadratus.

This testimony verifies that the effects of the work of Christ and the apostles in healing the sick, raising the dead and many other miracles had done what they were designed to do—create faith that Jesus was the divine Son of God in order that obedient believers might have spiritual life in his name (John 20:3-31). Therefore, during the lifetime and after the death of Christ and the apostles, their work was not short lived and transitory. The church spread like wildfire all over the empire and still lives today in all of the most enlightened and civilized countries. Wherever Christianity has gone and been accepted, the lives of people are ennobled and the greatest spirit of liberty has been enjoyed.

We thank God for all who have labored to contend for the faith even to this present day. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah will go on conquering until all his enemies are put under his feet. A-men!

Copyright © 2013 Shelby G. Floyd, All Rights Reserved

Shelby G. Floyd

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