Shelby G. Floyd

Recently I read a very interesting little book entitled, “Be A Man, Son.” It’s the story about K. T. Moser, who became a student at Harding College. Before he entered Harding College to study for the ministry, he was a conscientious objector. And he was so classified by the Selective Service. But, later when he went to Harding College, he sent a notice in to revise his standing with the Selective Service from a conscientious objector, I think, to a ministerial classification. In some way they got it mixed up, and his classification came back as 1-A.

Well, of course, this was about the time of the Korean conflict—it was back in the 50’s. It wasn’t long until he was notified by Uncle Sam to come and take his physical, and, of course, he was in a classification to be drafted into the Army. Well, they drafted him, and he refused to take the oath, and so several months went by, he was arrested by the FBI and they had his trial. And in spite of all his friends from the college and his family and others who had known him, he was sent to prison down in Seagoville, Texas, where he had to spend a year and a half in prison because he was found guilty of evading the draft. It’s a real touching story, and he wrote most of it from prison, and he told what it’s like to be torn away from your family—his father and his mother. He hadn’t been married too long, and so he was separated from his wife. It was a very touching story, but the thing that stood out in the book, to me, and, of course, that was the title of the book—the last thing that his father said to him before they took him off to prison was, “Be a man, son!” And that’s what I want to use for our lesson. Continue reading “PROVE YOURSELF A MAN”