Shelby G. Floyd

Recently I listened to Paul Harvey’s daily news program on the radio as I drove along in my automobile. He said something that was humorous but also had a very serious tone to it. Apparently there was a little boy who had watched too much television. His father took him to a restaurant for a meal. When the waitress asked him what he would like to have he said, “I’ll have the largest steak in the house and a bottle of Lowenbrau.”

All of us who watch television just a little know that the programs are saturated with references to beer, wine and all kinds of strong drink. Subtly implied is the idea that it is the “in” thing. The idea is that if you are young, happy and successful, drinking alcoholic beverages is the thing to do. We know that is not the entire picture or story of drinking strong drink.

Television stories and dramas fail to show the broken homes and the people who are maimed and killed on the highways by drinking drivers. They fail to show the entire picture. I read in the Indianapolis Star a story by Bob Greene that pictures the other side of the coin. This is a story about the dangers of drinking alcohol, especially by young people who start at an early age. It is bad for anybody. It is especially sad to see young people start early in life to destroy their lives and influence by drinking alcohol. Continue reading ““THERE IS DEATH IN THE POT””