Abuse of the Innocents


Shelby G. Floyd

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Once Jesus held up a little child in his arms and stated that unless adult people are converted and become as little children, they cannot enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:3). He added that when one humbles himself as a little child, that person is great in the kingdom (Matthew 18:4). Christ loved the little children and pointed out that God is praised out of the mouth of the innocent little children.

In America, almost every day we hear of little children being kidnapped, sexually abused and murdered by unrepentant sex offenders, and uncaring parents and caretakers. How long will this wickedness be tolerated by the general public and by those who are appointed to bring about justice? Little children who are abused are powerless and need someone to speak up for them and act on their behalf. Continue reading “Abuse of the Innocents”