Shelby G. Floyd

Many of the Old Testament ordinances and institutions were typical of the ordinances and institutions of the New Testament; for instance, the tabernacle and later the temple, along with its ordinances and institutions, were typical of the New Testament temple of God, the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Surrounding the tabernacle and the temple was a large enclosure in which anyone might congregate: this was typical of the world at large. Beyond this, the Jews were allowed to assemble, but still, there were further restrictions. Only the priests could pass into the court of the tabernacle. As they faced the tabernacle proper, there was first the brazen altar on which they offered their sacrifice to expiate their sins and the sins of the people. Next, they passed from the brazen altar to a laver, or as it is sometimes called a bath; it was also called the laver of purification. Every priest had to wash and to cleanse himself in these waters of purification before entering into the sanctuary to offer up his worship to God. Continue reading “REGENERATION and RENEWAL”