Shelby G. Floyd

Today, I am studying with you about a subject that we do not hear very often. Perhaps the reason that we do not hear this subject too often is because we don’t like to talk about this particular subject. Our study is the subject of hell. We sing and we talk about heaven, but all of us like to avoid the subject of hell. But the same Bible that teaches on heaven teaches on hell.

Recently, in the newspaper, there was an article about how the belief in hell is slipping today. There was a poll taken by the Catholic Church among Roman Catholics, and a large percentage of those Roman Catholics that were polled do not believe that there is a place called hell. Furthermore, most of them believe that if they were to die they would go to heaven, and very few of them felt like they would go to hell. That is true generally, I would say, with most people today. If you were to take a general poll, probably 80 or 90 percent of the people would say confidently that they would go to heaven and that they would not go to hell.

The Bible teaches about hell as well as about heaven. It would be rather foolish of us to ignore what the Bible has to say about hell and just take what the Bible says about heaven. Continue reading “HELL AND IT’S REPULSIVE POPULATION”