Shelby G. Floyd

What a beautiful day to come and worship God. We are so thankful that God has been good to all of us this week and that we are now ready to study the word of God. Gene Boomer did an excellent job teaching the adult class today and we are thankful that we have capable men who can present the truth of God. We are thankful to all of you who take the time to come out each Sunday morning to study the word of God together.

I received a letter this week from Ree Stevenson. She expressed how much she missed being with all of us here at Heartland. She is enjoying living with her son in Brown County. And she sent back her contribution check to support the church here at Heartland. This demonstrates the kind of members and their commitment they have to the Heartland congregation.

Today I have chosen to speak to you on the subject of “Exalting and Honoring Godly Mothers.” This is a good subject to talk about because we have a lot of mothers in this congregation– young, middle-aged, and older. And all mothers need to be encouraged concerning the great work that God gave them to do. Continue reading “EXALTING GODLY MOTHERS”