Shelby G. Floyd

This subject ought to be brought before young people and others continually. It is a topic that must be stamped indelibly upon the hearts of all who would please our heavenly Father and who would know the truth. It is a simple subject, and yet one that is not known or understood by many people. The subject is, “The Establishment of the Church.”

Are you a member of the church of Christ? Are you sure the church of which you are a member is the church you can read about in the New Testament? Are you sure it is the New Testament church? Are you sure you have entered the body of Christ, or the church, in the way God has asked all people to enter the church? These are questions only you can answer. As we pursue the topic, “The New Testament church and its Establishment,” do some soul searching to find out if you are really a part of the church that we read about in the Bible. Continue reading “THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE CHURCH”