Shelby G. Floyd


Good morning church! It is wonderful to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We will study God’s word and apply the truth to what is going on in our world.

We are glad that Ronnie Cooper is here today. Vinton and Kathy Morgan of Mount Gilead, Ohio are visiting with us today. Vinton preaches for the Perry Church of Christ that was founded in the 1800s during the Restoration Movement back to New Testament Christianity. It is one of the oldest surviving churches in that area! Please make them feel welcome.

I am speaking on “The Handwriting on the Wall!” We studied the book of Ezekiel for almost three months. So, I thought it good to present a lesson on the complete downfall of Babylon by Cyrus the Great and Darius I of the Medes.

Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple of God about 586 B. C. Nebuchadnezzar carried the Jewish nobility back to Babylon. In ancient times when a nation conquered another nation, they brought the brightest and best educated back to their own country. Then they used them to enhance their own country. So, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshack, and Abed-Nego were added to the wise men of Babylon. But others captured, like Ezekiel, they took in exile down by the Chebar River. Continue reading “THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL”