Shelby G. Floyd

In almost every standard translation of the New Testament, the phrase “faith alone” or “faith only,” is “only” found one time. And in this case it is preceded by the negative “not!” James writes,

“You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone” (James 2:24 ESV).

Therefore, salvation from sin by “faith alone” is not a New Testament subject for discussion. It has been concocted and invented in the minds of those who have a human creed to uphold. Therefore, lovers of the truth must refute this false doctrine. And that is what I intend to do! But we must not take this text out of its context and make it a mere pretext. Some will deny the plain statement of scripture quoted above, and will affirm that one is justified by “faith alone!” Continue reading “NOT BY FAITH ALONE NO 1”