The Road Less Travelled


Shelby G. Floyd

Straight Road 1

The photo that I have shared on the screen was taken by someone down at Indiana University. It was shared to me by my granddaughter. I told her that I would use that in a sermon and today I am fulfilling that pledge. I really like that photo that pictures the difficult and narrow road. All of us need to be on the difficult and narrow road that leads to life eternal.

I read about a farmer who had a dog that stayed by the side of the road and chased every car that came by. One day his neighbor said do you think that dog will ever catch a car. The old farmer replied that he wondered if he ever caught a car what would he do with it! At the end of my street we have a family that has a dog tied to the tree and every time we go by he barks and chases the car. He has worn a path all the way around the tree. And like the dog chasing after a car, many of us also are chasing after meaningless goals. And what are we going to do when we reach those goals that are without purpose? Someone has said, “Life is hard by the yard, but by the inch it is a cinch.” We all need to be pursuing worthy goals yard by yard an inch by inch! And so doing we will be blessed and satisfied when we reach those goals. Continue reading “The Road Less Travelled”