Shelby G. Floyd

The Hour

There is a false doctrine being pedaled on those who are naïve and believe without checking the evidence to back it up. People searching for the truth should be like the Christians at Berea, who searched the scriptures daily to make sure Paul and Silas were teaching them the gospel of Christ (Acts 17:11).


Premillennialism is being taught in most denominational churches as the truth about the end times. The teaching is that Christ will come back and set up an earthly kingdom and reign for a thousand (1,000) years on the earth. They also teach that the dead in the graves will be raised at different time intervals.

This teaching was refuted and demolished years ago by Foy E. Wallace Jr. and other faithful preachers. I heard Wallace define premillennialism like this: pre—means before; millennial—means a thousand years; and ism—means that it is not so. It is false just like most “isms.” Continue reading “THE HOUR”