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It was encouraging to have received so many positive remarks concerning the sermon that I delivered at Heartland last Sunday morning entitled “Eye Covenant.” Immediately on Sunday afternoon I posted that sermon in full text on the website Preach the Word. It was refreshing to me to receive uplifting comments both from other preachers and from the members of the Heartland congregation.

On Monday morning I received emails from two preachers from other states. From a preacher on the East Coast we received these remarks:

Dear brother Shelby,
I have just read about six of your sermons and articles. As always they are refreshing to me and build my spiritual courage. Recently I preached a sermon on the general theme of morality and the need among Christians to take care to control our minds, to be Christ-like, and to avoid yielding to pornography on line. I cited Job’s covenant…. The few comments made directly to me indicated that the sermon was appreciated and needed by a larger segment of the congregation than I realized.

Another preacher from a nearby state wrote these words:

Excellent treatment of a difficult problem Shelby. I thank you for it brother. I have used Job’s words in counseling a man who has been dabbling in pornography. So far, at least according to him, it has not resulted in adultery (he is married). I suggested a covenant with the eyes, ears, mouth, mind, and heart: see not, hear not, speak not, think not, and want not. If we give those to God in love we will surely not be willing to sin against ourselves or others, not in pornography or in any other of the things we may be tempted with. I think a major part of the sexual mess so many are in is that we treat the problem superficially or in some part(s) but never get to the root of it, which is the mind. It is not enough just to refuse to look and listen. We need radical treatment for the mind to which our senses and faculties are connected. The man I am working with has been trying to believe the idea that he was born with a depraved mind and so far God has cleaned it up, so he can hold himself to be innocent of any chargeable sin. We are working on showing that nobody is “born that way” (as the LGBT crowd likes to say), but that our “nature,” including our propensity for sin, is developed by us, not given to us by God. I hope your sermon got the positive appreciative response it deserved. Please keep up the good work.

And from the members and friends of the Heartland congregation I did get a “positive appreciative response” for which I am very grateful. At the time of writing this article 181 people have viewed that sermon on Facebook. Here are some of their remarks: “Today’s lesson was one of the best sermons I’ve ever heard! Thank you Shelby Floyd.” Another person said “Agree.” One person remarked, “I remember sitting there thinking ‘I hope he posts this one!’” Some of the younger members made this encouraging statement, “I love that Heartland tackles these issues head on. Great sermon!” Another comment was made in regards to the sermon text of Job 31:1, “I enjoy reading the book of Job.” A good friend wrote: “I went to church and had my batteries recharged (thank you Shelby Floyd).” In addition to these comments about 15 people put “LIKE” in their response to last Sunday’s sermon.

This positive response is not because of me, but the great need to proclaim the truth on needed topics of our day on morality! It is encouraging to Mitch Davis and me to know that the other elders and the Heartland congregation stand behind preaching of God’s truth with love. Heartland, you are in my heart and prayers. God bless us with numerical and spiritual growth in the months and years ahead. Amen!

Shelby G. Floyd

Shelby G. Floyd

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