Shelby G. Floyd

We hear a lot about grants today. When young people are preparing to go to college they will check into scholarships that are available based on their track record, their grades and oftentimes they’ll receive these grants. Plus the federal government and the state many times will give dollar grants in different areas of education. We hear a lot about federal grants. The federal government has a grant for almost everything today. Many times our highways are blacktopped or repaved with cement as a result of the federal government giving the state a grant for the different highway systems. And in almost all of the Bills that are passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate, there are all kinds of grants that are stuck into the fine print that pays off, you might say, the big city mayors. All of these grants are not just outright gifts with no strings attached. In fact, almost every one of them is conditional. There are conditions attached to each grant. Continue reading “GOD’S GRANT OF REPENTANCE”