Shelby G. Floyd


This letter was written and sent to Philippi, a city which originally was called Krenides (Little Fountain), but later, about 350 BC was renamed Philippi in honor of Philip of Macedon, father of Alexander the great.(1) The city of Philippi that Paul visited was located in a Roman colony founded by Augustus after the famous Battle of Philippi, fought between Anthony and Octavius versus Brutus and Cassius, around 42 BC. It was located favorably on the Roman highway Via Egnatia, and only 9 miles from the sea and 12 miles from the port of Neapolis. This city was the first in Europe to receive the gospel because of the loud clarion Macedonian call (Acts 16:9-10) was promptly answered by the apostle Paul along with his companions Silas and Luke.(2) Continue reading “THE LETTER TO THE PHILIPPIANS”